May 29, 2005

BBQ Pork Strawberry Shortcake

Today I tried my first Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and tasted neither cherry, nor vanilla. It tastes just like Dr. Pepper to me. They like to claim that their Diet Dr. Pepper tastes just like the original, apparently that applies to anything they do. This smells like a "New Coke" ploy to me. With Pepsi trying to eliminate Dr. Pepper/7 UP in the Mankato area (and possibly other markets) this could just be a trick to sell more regular D.P. But Mountain Dew will always be the champ anyway.

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May 12, 2005

Low Fidelity (Not that kind)

I own an outstanding pair of headphones. I bought them at Target several years ago for around thirty dollars. They have served me well, I can't count the number of hours I used them while mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, they are now useless in all devices except my stereo receiver. After tripping over them while plugged in, I broke the plug in half. It shouldn't have been a big deal, they were showing their age anyway. Time for a new pair.

So I hit the headphone aisle and look for a comparable set, find one and purchase. They sound terrible. They're no better than the free set I got with my CD player which they certainly should be. But of course I can't take them back, afterall they work. I just have to listen to crappy sound on rainy days like this when I have nothing better to do than complain about bad headphones.

Next time I'm going to watch where I walk.

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