April 17, 2004

On The Road Again

To my left there are 18 maps of southern Minnesota with tiny circles on them. No, they aren't different eateries I've tried over the years, they are my Seneca maps. I'm employed again, yay!

It actually is a great job, driving from field to field checking things out. Right now I'm checking for glass in the freshly planted pea fields. I'm sure no one wants to have a piece of beer bottle with their canned peas. And the best part is I get to see a lot of countryside without paying for a drop of gas. With that in mind, I'm going to try and keep track of all the miles I'll put on from now until the sweet corn is gone. My guess right now is 30,000, I'll have to wait and see.

So far it's right around 200, not too accurate but I haven't written anything down yet.

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April 13, 2004

Soap Talk

I wonder how much soap gets left unused. This morning I had to make the choice. Do I try and get as much as I can out of this little sliver or do I just cut bait and open a new one. Of course everyone tries for the sliver ends up breaking it and working with two or more pieces just isn't fun. So it falls down the drain, lost to the world. After all these years I should have figured out the trick, but it's just another thing I'll leave for my old age. Or maybe I'm just buying the wrong kind.

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April 07, 2004

Potato Chip Breakfast

Thank goodness their are consequences to all night benders, otherwise I might do it again. Their is good news however, it means that I'm updating the blog with more meaningless dribble.

This morning I have decided to take away the links on my home page, they all lead to a blank page anyway. It would be easy to design a site for someone else, but I can't seem to find motivation for myself. After all, I already know me.

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April 05, 2004

Go Gophers!?

For the last few weeks there has been a big bandwagon rolling through the state of Minnesota, and I was caught going for the ride. The Gopher women's basketball team made the final four, and suddenly everyone is an expert. The Timberwolves are on their way to having a great season, but most can't name their starting five. But I could probably go to the local gas station and everyone would know Whalen, Schonrock, Anderson, Bolden and McCarville. Does that mean the NBA is bad? Yes, yes it does. Who wants to see nothing but dunks and no defense anyway.

But alas, the season is over for the Gophers, they lost to Connecticut tonight. Now we wait and see which bandwagon comes through the land of 10,000 lakes to get everyone talking. I know one thing, it probably won't be the Vikings in the Super Bowl.

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April 01, 2004


My word for today is entropy. Don't know what it means? It is defined by my living area right now. There is junk everywhere and I had everything straightened up just a short week ago. It takes far less energy to let things fall to pieces than to keep things in line, hence my word for the day. I don't think I have ever seen this piece of mail by my feet in my life.

I guess another word should be hypocritical since every time I ride with an unnamed persons vehicle the first thing I say is that he needs to clean it out. Or she, this person is still unnamed. I like clean areas, just can't do it myself. Does anyone want to be my maid?

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