April 24, 2005

I *heart* Macs

My new Mac mini is awesome. OS X is totally awesome. And the 80's rocked!

Several months ago, I had contemplated buying a Windows machine for the price, being a true Mac user though I stuck to my guns and kept using my old machine. Which is still a great machine, it's just showing its age. Thank God I'm not using XP right now, because I've been having fun this past month just playing with the operating system. It's literally amazing what it can do. My mini has been running nonstop since I took it out of the box, nearly a month ago. (Not actually, it's had to reboot for updates, but I'm not going to count that.)

Of course I can't convert anyone, it's probably time to concede that, but at least I didn't convert myself.

Posted by Bryan at April 24, 2005 10:18 AM
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