March 31, 2005

mini Blog

I finally got a new computer, and it only took a year. It certainly isn't the dual G5 Power Mac I was drooling over last year. Instead I bought a Mac mini. It's an eight inch square of computing power. After using the same Mac for close to 7 years, it's like the fastest thing in the world. And, it's really nice to surf the web without running into sites that can't be displayed without a modern browser.

I also got an iPod to go with it. Having 2994 songs on a device smaller than a walkman is great, the only problem is that it took me 4 days to get it all loaded. 240 CDs is more than you think. It turns out that is 8 days of music. With iTunes running in the background, I'm listening to some songs I've never heard before, or at least forgotten about. I love toys!

This might mean that I keep this blog at least a little more up to date. Then again, I haven't even played with GarageBand yet... I should get on that.

Posted by Bryan at March 31, 2005 09:32 PM
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