October 27, 2004

For the Love of Sports

In 1995 I bought a Boston Red Sox baseball hat. Nine years later, they won the world series. Does that mean in two years the Houston Astros will win it all? After all, I bought their hat in '97. If they do, you heard it here first.

I remember when the Twins won the World Series in 1987 and 1991, they were two of the greatest years of my life. I didn't play on the team but somehow it was like I got rewarded for cheering for the right team. I can only imagine what it must be like in Boston tonight. At least for the true fans, I have no respect for bandwagon jumpers.

That's the magic of sports, the winners of the upcoming elections won't be as excited as the fans of the winning team.

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October 21, 2004

It's in the Back

There has to be a part of the human genome that tells us the good stuff is never in front. Whether it be food at a grocery store, or DVDs at an electronics store, no one wants the first one. I'm guilty of it, I'll reach behind that bag of potato chips to get the one without the fingerprints. Someone should do a study and see how long it takes before the average item in the aisle gets off the shelf. Or maybe I'm just completely insane. Nah, today I'm using the brain cell in the back.

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October 18, 2004

OMG an Update

It's easy to find time for blogging when you're sick, it doesn't require much effort. I'm starting to wonder what will be over first, my illness, or the baseball game that's on. The Red Sox and Yankees are in the 14th inning. I'd like to see the Astros/Cardinals game, but that might be done before they have a chance to switch.

So what's new in my life? I'm unemployed again. I remember writing that I would miss the job in October, that's halfway true. I don't miss the job, but I do miss the people.. or at least some of them. It's almost like summer camp seeing the same people everyday and then having it just end. Maybe it's fat camp, I did lose quite a few pounds.

For now I'm going to enjoy not working and try and think of new and creative topics for blogs, maybe I'll have to go with peas and sweet corn.

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