November 09, 2005

Monkey Shows

I've had it with game shows. They should be replaced with monkeys playing chess. At least the monkeys have an excuse for not knowing what's going on. I'm pretty sure the game show was designed to make the people watching feel like they belong to Mensa.

While the monkeys are at it, they can also host a show about paternity tests. That's a hot topic these days according to Maury. Sometimes it's just hard to know which one of the 20 guys is the father, and the public audience needs to know you've been sleeping around. Just imagine how little Jamaal Rasheif Abdul Smith Jones is going to feel when he gets old enough to know he was on this monkey show. He'll have to find another show to talk about what it's like. Genius!

So that's what happens when you watch daytime TV, you go nuts and need to let the world know it. I'll be back in 2 and 2.

Posted by Bryan at November 9, 2005 12:44 PM
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